✔️ WHY CREATINE? Creatine is stored in the muscle as creatine phosphate. Those familiar know ATP, cellular energy, is adenosine triphosphate. There’s something special about those phosphates. When they are clipped off the parent molecule, they release a ton of energy. The cell is able to harvest this energy and put it to work. In the muscle, this powers muscle contraction. Creatine is a staple. If size or strength is a goal, you take creatine. Everyday.
✔️ENERGIZE YOUR MUSCLES: Our Creatine Monohydrate helps to increase the production and storage of energy in your muscles so you can get through heavy lifting and intense exercise easier. Your muscles will feel stronger and more powerful with every lift thanks to our creatine monohydrate.
✔️INCREASE MUSCLE MASS: With your muscles being pumped with a constant flow of energy, you’ll be able to achieve more bursts of energy and higher intensity in your workouts. This can help you improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and will help your muscles recover faster between exercises.


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